Applegate EDM Services & Capabilities

Tough, complex projects require accuracy, diligence, and precision. At Applegate EDM, we are equipped to take on the difficult pieces others can’t touch. We collaborate with you to ensure your custom parts are ready for your ambitious missions.

Rest assured that if we can’t do it, it can’t be done. 

NASA human-rated rocket engine turbopump components.

Cost effective for quick turn R&D as well as long run production.

Extremely high accuracy for finishing details for expensive parts with zero allowance for scrap.

Applegate EDM Machines

Sinker EDM
Applegate Sinker EDM Machine

With our 16 Sinker EDM machines, not only can we can provide high speed and accuracy and low electrode wear, but we can produce numerous parts simultaneously.

Sinker EDM 4 Axis

(2) RoboForm 35P 31” X 16” X 12”

(6) RoboForm 55P 48” x 34” x 16”

(3) RoboForm 5130” x 19” x 20”

(4) Form P30041” x 29” x 17”

(1) Form P60048” x 32” x 19”

Wire EDM
Applegate Wire EDm

At Applegate, we have 9 dedicated Wire EDM machines enabling us to tackle numerous projects simultaneously and equipping us to taper and fashion different profiles.

Wire EDM 4 Axis

(1) Robofil 64052” X 40” x 21”

(1) Robofil 440CC16 – 48” x 28” x 16”

(1) Robofil 440CC24 – 48” x 28” x 24”

(2) CUT 200Sp 40” x 22 x 9”

(1) CUT 300Sp48” x 28” x 16”

(1) CUT P 35040” x 22” x 9”

(1) CUT P 55048” x 28” x 16”

(1) CUT P 80050” x 40” x 21”

Hole Drill EDM
Applegate EDM Hole Drill

Applegate maintains 5 EDM Hole Drill machines; which we use to fabricate solutions for numerous industries including aerospace and energy. With 5 axis configuration capabilities, we can easily drill holes at any angle on an inclined surface work piece.

Hole Drill 3 Axis with 5 Axis Capabilities

(1) RT3020S50” x 15” x 22”

(2) FT3200 50” x 15” x 22”

(2) CM AH655C58” x 38” x 22”

Applegate Machineries
Machine at Applegate EDM

Applegate Electrical Discharge Machining Capabilities

  • Machine any conductive material including anything from Aluminum to Zircalloy.
  • Accommodate a wide variety of shapes including blind helix cavities, miniature parts, and helical gears.
  • Sinker feature accuracy up to +/- .0002” with 32 RMS surface finish. Depth up to 17”.
  • 5-axis Hole Drills on inclined surfaces. Material thickness .003” to 24”. Diameters .012” to .187”. Diameter tolerance +/- .003”. Location tolerance +/- .001”.
  • 4-axis tapered Wire Cuts up to 45 degrees. Corner radius as small as .003”. Feature tolerance up to +/- .0002”. Material thickness .003” to 24”

Applegate EDM Quality Assurance

Our certified QA team is the backbone of our production and is involved throughout every step of the process.

Whether it’s first article or final inspection, our dedicated inspectors work with machinists to ensure that all parts meet design specifications and engineering tolerances, and that all parts are delivered on-time.

We utilize 2 CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines), a Zeiss Contura G2 and a Zeiss DuraMax to actively scan and probe touch points to accurately measure the geometry of each part we machine.

AS9100D Certified Logo
ISO Certified Logo

Applegate EDM developed a quality management system to:

  • Facilitate a solid reputation for producing quality parts.
  • Achieve timely delivery.
  • Provide competitive pricing.
  • Satisfy the needs of our customers. 
  • Continually improve the overall management and success of the company. 

In doing so, this quality policy has been formulated, implemented, and is committed to:

  • Consistently meeting customer requirements.
  • Always providing our customers with the best products available.
  • Continually improving the quality management system and the service we provide to our customers. 
  • Adhering to all customer and interested party requirements, as well as those defined in the International Standard.