Today Applegate EDM is a leading provider of Wire, Sinker and Small Hole EDM services. Which is why we’ve become a leading supplier to some of the nations top Aerospace, Defense, and Energy manufacturers. 

At Applegate, we’re equipped to take on the difficult pieces that others can’t touch. But it’s our commitment to providing our customers with quality parts quickly and affordably that makes us different.  Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Aerospace and Defense

Engineered parts for defense and aerospace systems can require tight tolerances with zero allowance for error. Which is why manufacturers turn to Applegate EDM. Our experienced machinists have been producing tight tolerance custom parts for aerospace and defense manufacturers for over a decade because we specialize in extremely tight tolerances for small parts.

Oil, Gas and Energy

Energy manufacturers are on the leading edge of technological advances in renewable and traditional energy. And as they expand their production and research, they turn to Applegate EDM to grow an active, streamlined supply chain for their custom parts.

Medical Devices

Applegate EDM works with top-tier medical device engineers to accelerate prototyping and scale production capacity. When it comes to small volume production and customization of medical devices, we can take care of it.

Custom Machining

Skillfully machined parts and quick lead times are both critical for machine shops producing components for large scale manufacturers. Weather it’s a small job shop or a large custom parts manufacturer, Applegate EDM’s quick lead time and machining expertise help hard working engineers and operators succeed in meeting their customer’s demands.

The panels came in and they looked great!  I was very pleased with the special packaging you provided. It saved me a bunch of time prior to shipping overseas.

Thank you so much for your great support!  You all went above and beyond the call of duty on this one!

Les Reynolds, Smart Machine

These parts turned out great for us. We are getting close to ordering more. Thanks!

Swathy Kumar, Inscopix

What an awesome job your company  is doing for us. Great customer service. Greatly appreciate.

Arleen LaForest, XTO, Inc.

You guys rock! I’m doing a happy dance at my desk right now!

Julian Garcia, Plastronics

Perfect! Thank you all for making this happen!!

Alison Hall, Ardent Concepts

On the bottom of your quotes you have the following statement:

“At CCT our goal is quite simple: produce challenging parts, be on the cutting edge of new techniques to improve production, and, most importantly, make our customers look great.”

You lived up to that statement!

Robert Anthony, Tape Innovations

These parts are very nice. We definitely chose the right vendor for this.

Daniel Zambrano, IonQ